Why the Pronghorn?


#1Video: What is Peace?

#2 Think:  Big Ideas

1. What do you think of when you hear the word peace?

2. When have you walked away from an argument?

3. Is it ever hard to decide if you care more about others than winning an argument?

#3 Activity: The Big Idea in Action!

First watch the video above then follow the instructions to draw your very own peace sign!


#1Video: Peace: It's the only way!

#2 Think: What can I do? 

1. Have you ever said something you wished you could take back? ?

2. What are ways you can apologize when you say the wrong thing or hurt someone’s feelings? ?

#3 Activity: Write about it.

Write an acrostic poem to tell what peace is all about.

#1Video: Acting with Peace

#2 Think:  Big Ideas

1. Have you ever made peace with someone whom you were really angry? What was that like?

2. Have you ever had an argument like Eva with friends about what you should play? How did you decide what to do?

#3 Activity: Let's Practice

A Mindful Moment

Watch the video to practice being at peace!


#1Video: Peace Pays Off!

#2 Think: Big Ideas

1. Do you have siblings or other family members that are children? 

2. Do you get along with them or do you fight a lot?

3. How could things change if you considered choosing peace more than choosing to fight?

#3 Activity: A Bird of Peace

Use a paper to make an origami bird that represents peace!


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