Why the Angora Goat?


#1Video: What is Generosity?

#2 Think:  Let's Reflect

1. What does it mean to be wrapped up in something (like a video game, a movie, or a story)?

2. How could a person be "wrapped up" in him/herself?


3.What does Sam say about being generous if you are a kid and you don't have any money?

4. How would our world be different if we showed more generosity? 

#3 Activity: Let's Write!

Write about a time someone showed you generosity.  What did they give you? Why did it make your day?


#1Video: Being Generous

#2 Think: Let's Reflect 

1. Have you ever wanted a gift really badly? What was it?

2. Have you ever given a gift to someone that they wanted really badly? What was it?

3. Do you like giving gifts to people? Why or why not?

4. What choice did Lee make?

5. What would you have done?

#3 Activity: a gift for a friend 

Listen to the story, "Thank You Omu".
Draw a picture for a friend! Tell them three ways that you can be generous this holiday season.


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