Why the Elephant?


#1Video: What is Kindness?

#2 Think:  Big Ideas

1. What story did Sam tell about coffee?

2. What do you suppose the first person was thinking about when they bought the other person's coffee?

3. Do you think kindness can spread to other people? 

#3 Activity: Kindness Revolution

Make a list of how you

can pay it forward.


#1Video: Kindness: Give it away!

#2 Think: What can I do? 

1. The singer asks, "Why wouldn't I?" about showing kindness. What is your answer? What are some reasons you might NOT be kind?

2. How can you look past those to treat other's right?

3. What examples of kindness did you see in the video?

4. What does "give it away" mean to you when you think of kindness?

#3 Activity: Sprinkle Kindness

Draw a picture of your cupcakes and don't forget to decorate it with "sprinkles of kindness".

#1Video: Acting with Kindness

#2 Think:  Big Ideas

1. Have you ever said something mean that someone heard? How did you feel? How did you make it right?

2. What did Carter do to show kindness to Luke?

3. How do you think Luke felt?

4. Have you ever been like any of the kids in this video? What happened?

#3 Activity: A Good Example

Think about this quote, draw an elephant to remind you that you should lead by example and write about how you can take the lead.


#1Video: Kindness goes a long way

#2 Think: Big Ideas

1. Have you ever had a sibling take away attention (for something sad, like in the video, or for something happy, like being good at a sport or winning an award)? How does that feel?

2. How can you still be kind like the older sister in the video?

3. What are some ways you show kindness to others?

4. Why is it important to show others they are valuable? What might happen if we don't show them they are valuable?

#3 Activity: Showing Kindness  

On a separate piece of paper, draw a picture and explain how you can show kindness in these four places.


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