Why the German Shepherd?


#1Video: What is Responsibility?

#2 Think:  Big Ideas

1. What examples of responsibility did Sam give?

2. How do you show people you can be trusted?

3. Have you ever had to take care   of a pet? What things did you do?

4. What are some of your responsibilities at home? At school? What happens if you don't do your responsibilities?

#3 Activity: Draw a picture of how you can be responsible.

Draw a picture of what you look forward to being able to do in this new year.


#1Video: I Can Be Trusted

#2 Think: Showing Responsibility 

1. How have you had to show responsibility at home? At school?

2. What choice did the boy in the video make to show responsibility?

3. What are some positive things hat happen when you prove to be responsible? (In other words, when you prove you can be trusted, what good things can happen to you?)

#3 Activity: Making Responsible Choices

***Teachers please note that this read-a-loud is 23 minutes. You can assign for homework or for a later activity***

Make a list of what you can do to be  responsible.

(Example: I make my bed every morning)


#1Video: I Can Be Responsible

#2 Think:  What do you do?

1. Do you have chores? Which ones do you enjoy or not like to do?

2. Have you ever surprised someone by doing something nice for them? (dishes, laundry, or cleaning something up for them.) How did that feel?


3. What responsibilities can you ask to take on so that people can see that you can be trusted?

#3 Activity: Responsibility Chart

Make a chart and list things you can do to be  responsible.

(Example: I make my bed every morning)

Click on chart above to download a copy to print.


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