Why the Octopus?


#1Video: What is Friendship?

#2 Think:  Big Ideas

1. What is something a friend has helped you with?

2. What are some skills (Big Ideas) you need to be a good friend?

(Big Ideas: 1.Treat others right | 2.Make smart decisions | 3.Maximize your potential)

3. Have you ever had a friend stop talking to you?

4. What do you do if you have been hanging out with someone, and then decide you'd rather hang out with someone else?

#3 Activity: Friendship Acrostic Poem 

On a blank sheet of paper write the word "FRIEND".  In front of each letter write a word or phrase of what a good friend is.


#1Video: Friends Work Together

#2 Think: What does a friend do? 

What examples of friendship did you see in the video?

What words did you see on their mural that describe good friends? 

How have your friends helped you complete a big project?

#3 Activity: Five Finger Challenge 

On a piece of paper trace your hand and write or draw one thing you can do to be a good friend on each finger.  Take the five finger friendship challenge!

#1Video: Be Our Guest

#2 Think:  What do you do?

1. Have you ever had to make a new friend? What happend?

2. Have you ever been  "new" at something? How did you feel?

3. What "clues" could you give new people about your school? 

4. Why is it hard to talk about new people?

5. What can you do to overcome that?

#3 Activity: Helping Hands

Using a blank sheet of paper make a list of examples of famous friends.  What qualities do they have that make them great friends?


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