Why the Angora Goat?


#1Video: What is Generosity?

#2 Think:  Let's Reflect

1. What does it mean to be wrapped up in something (like a video game, a movie, or a story)?

2. How could a person be "wrapped up" in him/herself?


3.What does Sam say about being generous if you are a kid and you don't have any money?

#3 Activity: Decorate with generosity

Draw a picture of something that you could do to be generous to someone.


#1Video: Being Generous

#2 Think: Let's Reflect 

1. Have you ever wanted a gift really badly? What was it?

2. Have you ever given a gift to someone that they wanted really badly? What was it?

3. Do you like giving gifts to people? Why or why not?

#3 Activity: Be Generous!

Listen to the story, "George the Generous Giraffe".
Draw a picture of a giraffe being generous! Draw three more ways that you can be generous.


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