Why the Whale Shark?


#1Video: What is Gratitude?

#2 Think:  Let's Reflect

1. What was Sam frustrated with in the video?

2. What do you do when you are frustrated?


3.What are some things you can do to feel better?

4. Who is one person in your life that you are grateful for?

#3 Activity: Thankful Turkeys

Draw a picture of a thing (someone or something) that you are grateful for!


#1Video: Friends Make           Everything Better

#2 Think: What does a friend do? 

Do you think you tell people "Thank you" enough?

In the video the boy is thankful for his family. What other adults are you thankful for?

How can you show someone you are thankful for them?

Describe gratitude to your teacher or parent.

#3 Activity: I am Bear-y Thankful! 

Listen to the story, "Bear Says Thanks".
Draw a picture of a bear saying thanks! Draw three more things that you are grateful for.


#2 Think:  Who helps you?

1. Have you ever thought about the people who work on things that help you?

2. Who are some people that help you? (example: school nurse, custodians, teacher, office staff, doctors,  etc.)

3. How can you let people who help you know that you see them helping?

#3 Activity: Let's Be Thankful

Draw a picture of our great school nurse! In your picture draw yourself showing your attitude of gratitude to her.



#2 Think:  Who do you look up to?

1. What ways did Evyn show her sister how much she cares?

2. How did Jen respond?

3. Who do you have in your life like Jen (someone you really look up to)?

4. How can you make sure they know how much they mean to you?

#3 Activity: Let's Be Thankful

1. Watch the video on “how to draw the heart face.”

2. Draw the heart face from the video. Use materials you have.

3. Think of one person you are grateful for today.

4. Make sure you tell that person that you are grateful for them today.


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