Why the Bald Eagle?


#1Video: Welcome Back

#2 Think:  Big Ideas

How is this school year different than other years?

What can you do to try your best?

#3 Activity: Self Portrait  

Draw a picture of yourself at the beginning of the school year.


#1Video: Treat Others Right

#2 Think: What can I do? 

How did Sam treat the person helping him in the video? How could you tell?

What is one way you can treat someone right at your home?

#3 Activity: Be a friend  

Draw a picture or write a letter to a friend and tell them how much you enjoy their friendship.  Decorate the outside and send it to them or send them a picture of it!

#1Video: Make Smart Decisions

#2 Think:  Who can help me?

What choices are hard for you do make?

Who do you ask for help when you are having a hard time knowing what is right?

#3 Activity: A Good Example

Draw a picture of a character from TV that makes smart decisions and explain why.

Branch - Trolls
He is a kind friend
He helps his friends
He tells his friends to do the right thing.
He is fun to be around
He is safe.

#1Video: Maximize Your Potential

#2 Think: My Strengths

What things are you good at already? How can you get even better?

What do you do when something is hard for you?

#3 Activity:   

Draw a picture of when you tried something hard and did not give up!


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